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Business Consulting

With its professional knowledge, experience, technology and extensive information channels, it accepts the entrustment of customers and conducts special investigation, analysis and demonstration on designated enterprises, projects, products, technologies, markets, management, services, credits, etc. The client provides economic information, data, operational plans and feasibility reports.

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Application Software Developing

Even we provided the platform & all technologies of the cloud, There is no universal and off-the-shelf solution. For the application industry, the industry's large-scale data processing applications do not have ready-made and general-purpose software, and need to be specifically developed for specific requirements, involving parallelization algorithms, index query optimization and system design implementation.This part of software is to meet the application needs of users in different fields and different problems.

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Data Migration

A technology that combines offline storage with online storage. It uses high-speed, high-capacity off-line storage devices as the next-level devices of disk devices, and then automatically migrates the data commonly used on disks to secondary mass storage devices such as tape libraries according to specified policies. When this data is needed, the tiered storage system automatically transfers the data from the next level storage device to the upper level disk.

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Field Deployment

IT implementation is the longest period of the entire IT service implementation process.It is implemented through effective monitoring and change methods to ensure that projects are planned or adjusted after approval. The purpose is to coordinate various resources, output the corresponding deliverables according to the requirements of the IT service deployment plan and all project stakeholders. and effectively perform tracking and evaluation under the inspection, change control, the service level agreement and project plan.

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Technical Support

Auto Operation and Maintenance is to divide the three parts work: monitoring, management and fault location, and use some machine learning algorithms to organically combine them.Inevitably, intelligent algorithms are needed. and intelligent algorithms require a large amount of data to support.We target mainly on the software or hardware direction, engage in pre-sales or after-sales technical maintenance, application training, upgrade management, resolve complaints, improve customer satisfaction, expand the user community's good reputation for its own brand.

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Fault Recovery

Recovery The fault recovery technology refers to the strategy, method and technology used to isolate the fault after the system detects the fault and select another facility or method to return the system to the task point before the fault occurs.