MPP Database

Mpp is large scale parallel processing (massively parallel processor). In the database non-shared cluster, each node has an independent disk storage system and a memory system, and the business data is divided into each node according to the database model and application characteristics. Each data node is connected to each other through a private network or a commercial common network, which provides data base services as a whole. Non-shared database cluster has the advantages of complete scalability, high availability, high performance, excellent cost performance, resource sharing and so on.

Large-scale parallel processing (mpp) architecture greenplum is a distributed database based on postgresql. It uses shared nothing architecture (mpp), host, operating system, memory, storage are self-control, there is no sharing. That is, each node is a separate database. The information exchange between nodes is realized through the network of nodes. The storage of scale data is realized by distributing the data to multiple nodes, and the query performance is improved by parallel query processing.

This is like organizing a small database into a large database. The data is partitioned and stored on each node. Each node queries only its own data. The results obtained are then processed by the master node to obtain the final results. Linear expansion of the system by increasing the number of nodes